'Self Centered', A 4 Track EP about love...

Felt like putting out some music i’ve bee sitting on.

I love the music I made in 2017. Lots of very personal tracks written from than that haven’t seen the light of day. Had so much going on personally while taking on learning a handful of new art forms that I just didn’t give myself the time to create art and push a project like it deserved. I found that a lot of times the things we create aren’t for everyone and sometimes are just messages for ourselves. Self Centered, is 4 tracks about love that opened up a bigger idea about identity and recognizing ones self that I would constantly repeat over the last year or more wanting to share.


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Lakia x Theories of Atlantis - Yonnie Cruz & Vincent Alvarez Static IV Re-Edit

The home Justin and I have been editing some old street clips from the shop days so when this Lakai x Theories of Atlantis Re-Edit came across my IG stories I felt the need to flex a bit. Dug through my records and pulled out two classics. An A-Side cut from a somewhat unknown 70s band by the name of Robin Trower starts our evening while Yonnie demolishes the night. The sunrise gives way to the force that is Vincent Alvarez, and although it rises in the east it shines west. The deepest of cuts off Wu-Tang Clan’s 36 Chambers act as a juxtaposition to the western landscapes. The ability to reach into a bag of footage this quality makes me want to do this more often. Although i’ve spent a lot of time the past two years on my board there is a yearning to dive more into the skate industry….

New Art!

Koston 1 painting.jpg
Accel Photo.jpg

I haven’t painted in a little while. Figured Id start with something I love and would have fun with. SKATE SHOES!!! Classics only, please.

Es was easily one of my favorite brands back in the early 2000s when I started skating. From Koston to Penny. The Accel to the Scheme. Es in the early 2000s was the Girl & Chocolate of the skate shoe industry. The team was the best of the best. Their shoes were unique and pushed the boundaries on what skate shoes looked and felt like. Fast forward to today the same level of quality is put into the team, marketing and construction as I remember.

Click the link to check out past and present works on my ART page.

Snow In The South

A rare occurrence in the southern United States. We saw this strange white shit seven years ago...ish. This time earth took the necessary steps to make sure we enjoyed the start of winter. Boredom, a stash of beats with nothing but time and I'm bound to create something. 

P.S. I hate snow. 

New Art Alert!!!!!!!!!

Keeping my hands in multiple pots as always. Working on a cool series of Peanuts inspired Jazz pieces. Keep a look out for more art and music coming soon... Might post a few of these to the merch page once I get a few more painted. This one = Mines. 


Jamz: A Charlie Brown Beat Tape x Wrathmatics

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! 

a charlie brown beat tape is a wrathmatics hosted shortened audio re envisioning of the original cartoon episode. it pairs well with eggnog or hot coco with some of that baileys.



Jamz: Gat$ - By Any Dreams

With what I believe to be his 4th project, "By Any Dreams", Tampa native Gat$ delivers some of his best work to date. One of the biggest pieces of criteria I judge new music by is how relatable it is. Though we are all different individuals that experience life in many different ways being human we are all more intimately connected than one may think. Loss, doubt and insecurities plague us all at some point, adding to our fire or crumbling our foundations. "By Any Dreams" is an up and down journey of a young black male in America finding himself not only in his dreams but depression, women, the loss of his grandmother and the constant presence of social injustice on our nightly news. One thing I love about Gat$ is his ability to take you to very real dark places while simultaneously delivering a sound that refuse to give in to those same feelings and experiences. With Production credits from Black Metaphor (Dope ft. SKYXXX & Bizzy Crooks), Wrathmatics (White Lighter), TGDJ (Fools Gold/Dream Catcher), fellow Tampa locals Santos and Vern Sr. (Better Daze, Stolen Future) and a few self produced interludes (act won, act too, act rite) Gat$  delivers one of the most solid LP's Ive heard all year. Definitely take the journey and press play!