Lakia x Theories of Atlantis - Yonnie Cruz & Vincent Alvarez Static IV Re-Edit

The home Justin and I have been editing some old street clips from the shop days so when this Lakai x Theories of Atlantis Re-Edit came across my IG stories I felt the need to flex a bit. Dug through my records and pulled out two classics. An A-Side cut from a somewhat unknown 70s band by the name of Robin Trower starts our evening while Yonnie demolishes the night. The sunrise gives way to the force that is Vincent Alvarez, and although it rises in the east it shines west. The deepest of cuts off Wu-Tang Clan’s 36 Chambers act as a juxtaposition to the western landscapes. The ability to reach into a bag of footage this quality makes me want to do this more often. Although i’ve spent a lot of time the past two years on my board there is a yearning to dive more into the skate industry….

New Art!

Koston 1 painting.jpg
Accel Photo.jpg

I haven’t painted in a little while. Figured Id start with something I love and would have fun with. SKATE SHOES!!! Classics only, please.

Es was easily one of my favorite brands back in the early 2000s when I started skating. From Koston to Penny. The Accel to the Scheme. Es in the early 2000s was the Girl & Chocolate of the skate shoe industry. The team was the best of the best. Their shoes were unique and pushed the boundaries on what skate shoes looked and felt like. Fast forward to today the same level of quality is put into the team, marketing and construction as I remember.

Click the link to check out past and present works on my ART page.