Jamz: Tavis - Slice (Prod. @CleverTribe)

“This song came from a conversation about not wanting all the fame and money in the world, but instead just wanting to be able to live and be comfortable off my craft…I feel like the majority of people, whether it be creatives or entrepreneurs, are trying to live off their art or business and not work the usual 9-5 day job slaving for some corporation. We all just want a slice…no need for the whole pie…just a piece to call our own.”

A track I can completely feel. Not only a genius metaphor "Slice" is a treat for the hungry hip hopper. As a listener in todays world I don't find hiphop I relate to on the TV or Radio so the rare gem that pass my twitter feed and randomly fall into my life are most appreciated. Concept to production Tavis is making ill choices and I'm eager to hear more.