Jamz: Gat$ - By Any Dreams

With what I believe to be his 4th project, "By Any Dreams", Tampa native Gat$ delivers some of his best work to date. One of the biggest pieces of criteria I judge new music by is how relatable it is. Though we are all different individuals that experience life in many different ways being human we are all more intimately connected than one may think. Loss, doubt and insecurities plague us all at some point, adding to our fire or crumbling our foundations. "By Any Dreams" is an up and down journey of a young black male in America finding himself not only in his dreams but depression, women, the loss of his grandmother and the constant presence of social injustice on our nightly news. One thing I love about Gat$ is his ability to take you to very real dark places while simultaneously delivering a sound that refuse to give in to those same feelings and experiences. With Production credits from Black Metaphor (Dope ft. SKYXXX & Bizzy Crooks), Wrathmatics (White Lighter), TGDJ (Fools Gold/Dream Catcher), fellow Tampa locals Santos and Vern Sr. (Better Daze, Stolen Future) and a few self produced interludes (act won, act too, act rite) Gat$  delivers one of the most solid LP's Ive heard all year. Definitely take the journey and press play!