Can't Touch Ft. Stik Figa & Wrathmatics (Produced by Wrathmatics)


Recorded this in Sacramento, CA at the homie Wrathmatics house in his dinning room, spring of 15, after cooking the beat up the night prior. I spent two nights of a week long trip to Northern California in SAC to meet the homie and get to know a place that seemed to be calling. I grew up a skateboarder so every city in California holds a special place in my heart and the serendipitous work I did with Wrath the year prior made it a prime destination. A few months later Wrath hit me with the feature from Stik and a soon to be lost thrid verse was recorded. Life often times comes before the art we create and ‘Can’t Touch’ was one of those victims. I was learning production while dealing with my own demons and the homies likewise had things in their life that took the steering wheel. Super stoked to let yall have this one after way to long of a time. Between the beat and features alone this deserved to be heard!